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Bay Area Family CarePatient Responsibilities

We will do our best to provide our patients with high quality care. In order for us to do our part, we ask our patients to do theirs as well. There are certain responsibilities we expect patients to accept. These include:

Providing current insurance information

We rely on our patients to inform us of their current insurance coverage, and any changes in insurance. We cannot properly bill insurance if we do not have the correct information. Please make sure to inform us of all insurances, and in which order they should be billed. If we do not have this information, office visits will be billed to the patient.

Bringing all insurance cards and picture identification if applicable.

We need to scan these into our electronic medical records system. If you do not have picture ID, please be prepared to have your photograph taken (this includes children).

Knowing what your insurance covers

This includes know whether your insurance covers preventive exams (annual physicals), immunizations, office visits, surgical procedures, etc. You should also be aware of any copay, coinsurance (percentage of charge rather than flat copay), deductibles, and coverage maximums.

Fill out required paperwork

You will be expected to fill out a demographic form, medical history questionnaire, and symptom questionnaire every year. These forms are necessary for our records, and to help the doctor treat you. There may also be other forms that are needed on occasion, such as auto claim information or worker's comp claims (existing patients only - we are not taking new worker's comp claims).

We recently implemented a new electronic medical records system in our office. All patients will need to fill out our new demographics form on their first visit after implementation. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we make this transition.

Keep track of your appointments

We attempt to contact patients to remind them of upcoming appointments. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of patients to keep track of their appointments rather than rely on our reminders.

Inform us of your medications, including over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements

It is very important for physicians to be aware of all medications or supplements patients are taking. Please be sure to inform the doctor of everything you are taking, including any changes in dosage or frequency.

Pay copays at time of service

Patients are expected to pay copays at the time of service unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.

Give us ample notice if you need something (paperwork, sports physicals, prescriptions)

We request 24 to 48 hours of notice for prescription requests (weekends and holidays are not included). Please also allow a minimum of  48 hours for any paperwork we need to fill out for you. We would appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

Provide all needed information for auto claims, worker's comp claims (existing patients only), record releases, etc.

It is not our responsibility to get this information for you. If we do not receive all necessary information for claims, the visit(s) will be billed to the patient. We will also not accept incomplete record releases. We need an entire name and address for the individual or facility we are sending records to or receiving records from.

In the case of an auto claim, it is also important to determine if we will be billing only your auto insurance or if we will be billing your private insurance as well. If we are billing both, you need to find out which insurance will be billed primary. This is something we cannot determine for you.

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